While we are a church the activities we run are about helping people and are open to everyone and there is no expectation to become part of the church.
1. Help prevent social isolation and loneliness, especially amongst people who are marginalised in society
2. Improve people’s health and well being by:
a. improving their access to life’s basic necessities i.e. food, clothing, toiletries, household goods
b. helping them break the chains that hold them in lifestyles that are often detrimental to their health and wellbeing
3. Help people to naturally grow, make progress in their

We started in March 2015 and we have sought to mould the services we offer to the needs of the community we serve.

To achieve these aims, our objectives are to provide:
1. a safe place for people to meet, talk and receive help
2. a free coffee shop
3. a range of “banks” for the provision of free food, clothing, toiletries and household goods
4. a range of creative social activities in formed by the needs, ideas and involvement of service users
5. volunteering opportunities for service users within the project

We have needed to modify how we operate but still try to meet these aims and objectives.
Click on the pictures to see how we used to operate.


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